Special Offer: 2015 Sales Performance Summit

As an attendee of the April 2015 Sales Performance Summit, you can use the form below to download the session handout (including POWER and DRIVE) as well as get a copy of my e-book Speak to Be Heard FREE!

SpeakToBeHeard-cover-tiltSpeak to Be Heard

Have you ever been in a conversation and realized you weren’t connecting? What you were saying made perfect sense, but for some reason, the other person just wasn’t getting it. Wasn’t getting you.

The problem is that we all tend to talk about things that energize us, but that don’t necessarily energize the other person. And unless there’s energy, there’s very little chance of a connection.

If you had a psychological questionnaire, you could easily identify what energizes other people. But you can’t give your clients a personality test. You need to identify them on the fly—by how they dress, act, speak, and what they surround themselves with. And once you’ve identified what energizes them, you need to speak in a way that connects with them—that will help them understand you.


And here’s a second reward: we will also give you a copy of GUST. GUST (Galeforce Ultra-Speed Technique) is a super-accelerated version of the full ThinkX productive thinking process. You can conduct a GUST session in as little as 15 minutes. GUST can help you use the power of productive thinking to solve problems, explore opportunities, or just familiarize yourself with the power of productive thinking. Just find some quiet time, read the questions and fill in your thoughts in the spaces provided.

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