Media Clippings

February 2015 – Will Sherlin of 3 Pillar Global interviews Tim Hurson in his podcast “The Power of Productive Thinking, with Tim Hurson“.

January 2015 – “Career tip: Who you must chat with while waiting to interview” by Taylor Leddin in on-line mag The American Genius references Never Be Closing on the topic of utilizing waiting-room time to learn more about a company.

January 2015 – Stephen Warley of Unstuckable interviews Tim Dunne in an hour-long in-depth podcast on Thinking about Sales as a Creative Process. Here’s a link to the podcast at Unstuckable (including a special offer for listeners…check it out!).

7-b2b-sales-book-2015-240x165December 2014 – Jesse Davis of RingDNA chooses Never Be Closing as one of the Seven B2B Sales eBooks You Have to Read in 2015. “I checked this book out after hearing co-author Tim Dunne speak on a webinar and very much agree with its premise: that rather than launching into a “sales pitch”, salespeople should focus on understanding clients better, building credibility and establishing long-lasting relationships…This book focuses on the relationship-building aspect of sales and is definitely worth checking out.” Here’s a link to the whole article on RingDNA.

December 2014 – Geoffrey James of chooses Never Be Closing as one of The 7 Most Useful How-To-Sell Books of 2014. “This book takes the [Always Be Closing] myth head-on and explains how to sell without attempting manipulate an unwilling customer into buying. Essential reading if you’re in sales or work with salespeople.” Here’s a link to the whole article on

November 2014 – How to Get Instant Credibility with the Best Prospects, a webinar with Tim Dunne and two other sales experts, Craig Elias, author of SHIFT! Turn Prospects into Customers and Donato Dorio, CEO of RingLead, the sponsor of the webinar. Click here for the complete slideshow and recording of How to Get Instant Credibility with the Best Prospects.

October 2014 – Podcast interview with Tim Hurson by Boyd Blackwood of Life’s a Pitch

October 2014 – Tim Dunne is interviewed for Digital Journal: “Stellar points in sales are expressed in book Never Be Closing

September 2014 – Sales coach and radio host Deb Calvert interviews Tim Hurson on CONNECT! Online Radio for Professional Sellers.

September 2014 – Tim Hurson gives a spirited presentation at the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto. Here’s a video clip:

September 2014 – Tim Hurson is interviewed for Bond Street’s Tumblr blog: “Always Be Useful: Q&A with Tim Hurson”

nwttitleboxSeptember 2014 – Tim Hurson publishes an article in the print and on-line magazine, Networking Times: “Productive Selling: Define Your Material, Relationship, and Intrinsic Goals”

September 2014Never Be Closing gets a strong recommendation in Dimis Michaelidis’ newsletter, Performa: “Good selling is for the long term”

September 2014Never Be Closing is reviewed in Turkish by the HR magazine, HRdergi: “Satışçılar ve İK profesyonelleri birbirine çok benzer işler yapıyor, sadece ayrıntılar değişiyor.” Turkish friends, feel free to tell us what they said!

gam-squareAugust 2014Never Be Closing is reviewed and discussed by Harvey Schachter in the Globe and Mail in: “Sales tactics you can be proud of”

August 2014 – Tim Hurson is quoted at length by Steve Watkins writing for Investor’s Business Daily: “Let Your Moral Compass Guide Company’s Direction”

August 2014 – Twitter interview with Melinda Emerson, a.k.a. SmallBizLady: “Never Be Closing in Small Business”

August 2014 – video interview with Heather Morgan of Sales 4 Startups: “How To Instantly Build Rapport with Prospects”

July 2014 – article by Gary Spinks in his blog: “How To Sell Better… Without Anyone Getting Screwed Over” (very thoughtful and well written, which is not surprising as Spinks is a copy editor)

logoJuly 2014 – Podcast interview with RAIN Group (20 minutes): “How to Turn a Cold Call into a Warm Call and Get the Meeting” – click here for their website, or use the player below to listen to the interview while staying on this page:

      1. RainToday.mp3

July 2014 – article by Ted Bauer in his blog The Context of Things: “People Need to Always Remember the Stranger’s Dilemma” (we like this one because it includes a link to the memorable “Always Be Closing” scene in Glengarry Glen Ross)

July 2014 – article on HubSpot: “Never Be Closing? Five Questions With Tim Dunne and Tim Hurson”

SMM_LOGO_OrangeBlueJuly 2014SMM Sales & Marketing Management article by Tim Hurson and Tim Dunne: “What? So What? Now What? 3 simple questions to learn more than you thought possible about your sales process”

July 2014Huffington Post article by Tim Hurson and Tim Dunne: “These 6 Thinking Styles Will Help You Understand Your Peers”

totalpictureJuly 2014Podcast interview with Peter Clayton of TotalPicture Radio (25 minutes) – click here for their website, or use the player below to listen to the interview while staying on this page:

      2. hurson-clayton-interview.mp3

logoJuly 2014 – Interview with Maria Minsker of CRM Magazine “Why You Should Never Be Closing: The three-act approach is the new way to sell”

July 2014 – Interview with Stu Taylor of Business Talk Radio Network (two short segments)

      3. stu-taylor1
      4. stu-taylor2

July 2014Interview with Steve Cunningham on Remarkable Life

July 2014Marketing Sherpa, Best of the Week Book Giveaway

July 2014Sales and Service Excellence, “Sales Conversation, a Relationship in Three Acts”