small-open-doorNever Be Closing offers a variety of training modules 1/2 to 1 day in length to help sales people — whether new, advanced, or accidental — get better a connecting with customers and building fruitful sales relationships. Modules can be tailored to the needs of the individual or organization, but examples include:

Basic Training: A foundation for any person tasked with selling, from the professional to the accidental salesperson. Participants explore their motivations, values, and behaviors, and develop ways to leverage those three areas to become a better salesperson.

Scripting: Scripts are short, rehearsed speeches that inform your client about you, your product, your company or your industry. The ability to express your essential message quickly and cleanly is critical to a good salesperson. This training uses video feedback to help participants builds the ability to develop and deliver more effective scripts.

Getting a Yes to a Meeting Request — Just getting a “yes” to your request for a meeting is an important step in the sales process. Participants will build a specific plan to get a yes to a meeting request from at least one prospect. Using the Never be Closing process as a model, participants will create their own process for getting and preparing for meetings.

Credibility — This training explores how you build credibility, and what you start doing (and stop doing) when you have it.

Stay in the Question — This module explores the power of structured creative problem-solving and productive thinking in becoming a more effective salesperson. It is a hands-on practice session for understanding and using questioning, with the goal of being useful to your prospective client.

Mining the Meeting — The face-to-face meeting, especially the first one with a new prospective client, is the most important moment in the sales process. Participants will learn how to debrief and mine the content of meetings to exponentially increase their effectiveness — and usefulness to the client.

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